Why did Thai Internet sensation, Mader Sitang, become emotional during her recent feeding program in Quezon City?

Recently, the public has gone wild after Thai Internet sensation Mader Sitang arrived in the country. Upon landing, many Filipinos warmly welcomed the star. She also had back-to-back interviews with several media personalities. Known for her kind and generous heart, she has once again shared her blessings to several kids in Barangay Mariana, Quezon City, last October 21.

Her inspiring video has immediately circulated the web and gained sentiments from netizens. There’s no doubt that Mader Sitang owns a big heart that help people in need.

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Several kids were lined up inside a facility as they walked towards her. She gave these kids PHP 200 and a meal from a fast food chain as her early Christmas gift. The 59-year-old star also gave them a warm hug and a sweet kiss on their cheeks.

There’s no doubt that these children were thankful for their early present. Based on their expression, all of them were grateful to receive such a thoughtful gift from a total stranger.

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A few minutes later, Mader Sitang became emotional upon seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces. She then wrapped her arms around her friend who became emotional too. Then she immediately went back on giving her gifts to the innocent kids.

This kinds of acts aren’t new to her. In fact, during typhoon Yolanda, Mader Sitang managed to give its victims some financial help. She made an effort to give these unfortunate people a small amount of cash to help them start again.

Because of this, many Filipinos looked up to her. Not only that she was able to entertain us with her humorous videos, but she also makes an effort to help the less fortunate. That’s why today, she has an increasing number of fans who were definitely amused by her personality.


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Maria Labon

Maria Labon is a Journalism graduate from Colegio de San Juan de Letran. She works as a content writer at Twinmark Media Enterprises, Inc.

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