Find out the reason behind Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis’ verbal tussle that made the actress cry

Recently, ABS-CBN’s “It’s Showtime” has celebrated its weeklong 9th year anniversary. During their special episode, Vice Ganda managed to reminisce his first verbal feud with Anne Curtis, which made her cry. He also revealed that their director had to get in between to stop their feud. Both their audience and their co-hosts were definitely entertained by their story.

According to him, a single cup of watermelon shake has started their tussle. Upon revealing the reason, many people were definitely shocked and surprised.

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He said that Anne accidentally knocked his watermelon shake, which was sitting on the edge of the table. Because of this, his drink spilled all over his shoes. Vice immediately called out her co-host’s attention and to his surprise, Anne blamed her for putting his shake on the edge. This immediately made the comedian irritated and has quickly exchanged blows with the actress.

“Nagpintig talaga ‘yung tenga ko. Sabi ko, ‘Hindi ka puwedeng mag-sorry man lang?’ ‘Ba’t ako mag-so-sorry nilagay mo ‘yan diyan?’” he said.

Anne immediately defended herself and insisted that she said sorry. Vice also shared how the Kapamilya actress offered him to buy a new drink. Obviously enraged, the comedian didn’t drink his new watermelon shake to show his irritation to the actress.  Because of this, Anne became emotional and ended up being comforted by the comedian.

Besides this, the “Praybeyt Benjamin” star also shared how some of their clashes with Anne. At one point, the veteran actress even sent him and Vhong Navarro a long text message.

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“Mambubuwisit, pero pag nabuwisit ‘yung binubuwisit niya, siya ‘yung iiyak, ang ending, siya pa ‘yung susuyuin! Kapal ng mukha mo! Tapos magwo-walk out, tapos iti-text mo kami ni Vhong ng mahabang-mahabang Ingles. Akala mo naman, binabasa namin. ‘From now on, huwag na huwag na tayong magbibiriuan’ — may mga ganyan pa siya!” he said.

Despite these brawls, Vice admitted that these kinds of scenarios have strengthened their relationship as a family. Even though they have encountered several rough patches, Vice stressed that their show is definitely filled with love.


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