Netizen shares foreigner’s heartbreaking situation in Iligan City

Most people have this pre-conceived notion that foreigners who live in the country are well-off. Whether it’s true or not, perhaps the primary lure of the Philippines to most foreigners to stay here for good is the cheap cost of living. Given that other countries truly require you to spend so much, it wouldn’t be surprising if this belied is true.

However, this isn’t applicable to all. In case you’re unaware, there are also some foreigners who live in a very poor state. Well, if you’re hesitant to believe it, you might want to check out this particular foreigner as an example.

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Based on the narrative taken from a concerned citizen named Zyrabelle Sacay, there is a Spanish man named Nash Redondo Berriatua who is in dire need of help in Buru-un, Iligan City. As of this moment, the unfortunate foreigner is currently homeless and sick. 

According to Zyrabelle, Nash has been here in the Philippines for almost a decade. Zyrabelle also added that she was just six years old when the Spanish guy arrived in the country. It was heartbreaking to hear that this man is currently living alone; his alleged wife or live-in-partner already abandoned him a long time ago. 

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Having no one else to lean or depend on, Nash decided to work for a living. According to Zyrabelle, the Spanish man would sometimes volunteer to wash a car just to earn money. However, this wasn’t enough to sustain a living which forced him to become homeless. This was the reason why Zyrabelle’s family prompted to let him live in their house.

But as of this moment, Zyrabelle revealed that Nash is currently very ill and  in critical condition.  The sugar level inside his body has drastically dropped to an alarming 16%. Aside from that, Nash constantly suffers from LBM.

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Here are some comments from the netizens below. Most of them expressed their sadness over Nash’s poor condition.

Source: Facebook
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