Son of “4Ps” beneficiary wows the public as he tops this year’s Naval Architecture Board Exams

There’s no doubt that the internet is filled with inspiring stories from people from across the globe.  Here in the country, we have also heard several stories from our fellow Filipinos, as they reached their dreams in life.  Recently, another incredible story of a young man has stunned the public. Joseph Vincent Y. Satura, son of a “4Ps” beneficiary, has recently topped the Naval Architecture Board Exams garnering a rate of 92.20%

He recently shared his story online and has immediately caught the attention of many people.  All of them were definitely amazed by his hard work and dedication to helping his family.

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Like his family, many netizens were also proud of his achievement. Not only that he was able to inspire other people, but he can also give his loved ones a more comfortable life. His story definitely proves that everything is possible as long as we put our hearts into it.

Although he came from a poor family in Cebu, Joseph proved that poverty isn’t a hindrance to success. In fact,  he used it as his inspiration to finish his degree. Fortunately, a ship-building company, Tsuneishi Foundation (Cebu) Inc, gave him an academic scholarship.

Originally, he wanted to take engineering course but ended up taking Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the University of Cebu (UC). After several months, he fell in love with his program and eventually excelled in his subjects. In fact, he also became their school’s representative on several local and international competitions.

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After getting his degree, his school has offered him to teach subjects under Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. With his dedication, he was able to balance his work while preparing for his licensure exam. Although he admitted that he came to a point of giving up, he still decided to pursue his dreams. Thankfully, his hard work paid off after he surprisingly topped the exam.

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Maria Labon

Maria Labon is a Journalism graduate from Colegio de San Juan de Letran. She works as a content writer at Twinmark Media Enterprises, Inc.

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