28-year-old Filipino earns his first million in his 20s

One of the most crucial things in life that many have taken for granted is money or saving money. Millennials grew up in a world of YOLO or You Only Live Once. Many of them believe to live in the moment and travel as much as they can while they’re young. They’re not wrong though they often forget the other important fact of life, to save up for the future. Buzzooks recently posted an inspiring story of a 28-year-old Filipino who earned his first million by the age of 27.

Meet Jayson Sazon Jingco, one of the few people left who still listen to their parents about managing their money properly.

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Jayson shared his story on a Facebook financial literacy group, PESO SENSE SAVERS GROUP. According to him, he graduated with a degree in BS Information Management (BSIM) back in 2010. Two years after graduating he had the opportunity to work in South Korea where his job was in manufacturing.

December 12, 2012, 22 years old to work into manufacturing field, may dapat akong pagpilian sa dalawa. May nag offer din kasi sakin ng work sa field ko and I guess I made the right decision na nagpabago ng lahat.

Bago paman ako umalis puno na ng teachings mga parents ko sakin sa kung ano lahat ang mga pangarap nila samin at dapat hawakan ko ng maayos ang pera ko habang bata pa ako at di pa married.

Luckily, he listened to his parents and used his money to help his siblings and invest in a business. A financial advisor named Chinkee Tan also inspired him to invest in apartments that gave him passive income. Besides all of this, he was also able to help his siblings find work abroad. His older brother works in Canada while his two younger siblings are with him at South Korea.

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To keep their money flowing, he and his siblings bought parcels of land to expand their apartment business. They also bought lands for their own respective homes. At the age of 28, Jayson was able to have a business and a home of his own. Next year, he plans to tie the knot with his soon-to-be wife who will live in his self-earned house.

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