Netizen uses social media to show how undisciplined Filipinos have become when it comes to properly segregating our wastes

As the years go by, our problem with pollution became worse and worse. Because of our negligence and stubbornness, our environment has paid a huge price. In fact, there have been many cases of disasters and calamities thanks us humans. Instead of taking care of our only home, we chose to destroy it for our own benefit. Now that we have been aware of this dilemma, we now try our best to save the environment through our little ways. Some netizens even tried to use social media to spread awareness to the public.

But, some insensitive people still managed to add up to the problem. Take for example a certain “Rona,” who recently became viral for her undisciplined behavior.

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Her story immediately caught the attention of netizens who were disgusted by her behavior. Many of them stressed that her story should teach other people a lesson to discipline themselves. Netizens also condemned her for adding up to the worsening pollution of our planet.

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After buying her drink from a famous coffee shop, this “Rona” left her cup on the street. According to the poster, Rein De Guzman Morales, many people are going crazy to buy from this shop and collect 18 stickers. Upon acquiring this number, the customer will be able to receive his brand new planner for 2019.

Obviously enraged, Rein called out the attention of this buyer and tried to educate her. She stressed that “Rona” can buy such expensive drink but can’t throw her trash away properly. Rein said that she should be responsible for disposing of her own trash especially that she was the one who bought it.

Unfortunately, this promo adds up to our problem with pollution. According to research, it takes about 400 years before a single cup dissolves. This only means that the future generation will face the consequence of this simple planner.

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Maria Labon

Maria Labon is a Journalism graduate from Colegio de San Juan de Letran. She works as a content writer at Twinmark Media Enterprises, Inc.

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