PAL flight attendant stuns the public with her compassion towards an in-need mother and her baby

To a mother, the health and welfare of her child is the most important thing for her. There’s no doubt that she will definitely do everything to keep her baby safe and warm. That’s why when a flight attendant saw another mom in need, she immediately tried to help her. Patrisha Organo’s inspiring story immediately circulated the web and has left many netizens in awe.

She decided to write her amazing experience on Facebook and has caught the attention of the public. Besides being a cabin crew at the Philippine Airlines, she is also a mother herself which give her the urge to help the troubled mother and her baby.

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According to her, she was scheduled for a check flight to be qualified as a Cabin Crew Evaluator. Obviously excited, she prepared for this special day for this can change her whole career. Like what expected, everything went smoothly on their flight until she heard a weeping baby with her mother.

After talking to the woman, she then learned that ran out of formula milk. As a mother herself, Patrisha then thought of feeding the hungry baby with her own milk. Her Line Administration then guided them towards the breastfeeding station.

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Eventually, the infant fell asleep and the mother thanked Patrisha for her kindness. Without her help, she wouldn’t be able to attend her baby’s needs and could even lead to a bigger problem. Like her, netizens were also amazed at how helpful she was. Even though the mother is a complete stranger, she didn’t think twice of helping her and her baby. Besides aiding the needs of this two, Patrisha also got qualified as an evaluator.

Check out some of the comments from the netizens:

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