Kris Aquino receives call to audition for an American television series

For two years, Kris Aquino hasn’t been in television series. She made a promise to only grace the television screens once again if the role doesn’t demand a huge amount of her time. Currently, she is dealing with her online projects and family matters at the same time.

However, it seemed like may be acting on screen once again, but in Hollywood this time. In her recent Instagram post, she proudly shared that she received a call to audition for an American TV series. She wrote:

“Just to be asked to do an audition to be a recurring character for a girl who hasn’t been on Philippine TV for more than two years and who binge watches US series as her favorite form of relaxation is SURREAL.”

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Although she failed to submit her script reading on October 29, Kris mentioned that she will update her fans on whether the role is still open. Kris only revealed that it was a multi-ethnicity production and she refused to name the US series.

It is not surprising anymore that the actress considered to audition for the project. After all, she was part of the successful Hollywood film “Crazy Rich Asians”. She played an important role as a princess in the said movie which premiered last August.

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After revealing this good news, many of her fans expressed their support. Definitely, they are looking forward to seeing Kris make the cut and represent the Filipinos in the Hollywood scene.

Watch the video below:

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