Mother shares her baby’s illness on social media that saved another baby’s life

No parent should ever witness their child’s passing. They should also not be around and breathing when it happens. It’s one of the most devastating moments for any parent.  On Facebook, a mother named Presley Trejo shared how she lost her 12-day-old daughter because of an illness called HSV-1.

Through a social media post, Presley raised awareness on the rare illness that could apparently be caused by a kiss to an infant. HSV-1 is most commonly known as cold sore. For adults,  it can easily be treated, but for infants who have yet to develop their immune system, it is life-threatening.

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Presley warned other parents to be very careful with their infants. She advised not to let too many people touch and kiss their babies. And that when they do, their hands should always be 100% clean. According to the post one doesn’t need to have an active cold sore to infect other people.

After realizing their baby was sick, they immediately went to the hospital. Unfortunately, they came too late because when she got checked, her liver was completely dysfunctional. The baby was put on life support. Presley herself had to pull the plug to end her innocent child’s misery, which is a traumatic experience for any mother.

Weeks later, Presley posted a photo from another mother’s post on Facebook. A woman named Ashley Pool shared how she was able to save her infant just in time. On her post, she mentioned reading a story of a mother on Facebook whose child had gone, it was Presley. The grieving mother shared the photo with a caption saying:

Emmy’s out here saving lives now.

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It is truly frightening to say goodbye to your child who didn’t even had the chance to live her life. But as many would believe, things happen for a reason, and maybe, for baby Emmy, the reason is for her to raise awareness and save other people’s lives.

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