For Cherry Pie Picache, Meaningful Relationships Are Good for the Soul

This post is a press release written and produced by Generika Drugstore

For veteran actress and Generika Brand Ambassador, Cherry Pie Picache,  meaningful relationships and partnerships lead to growth and productivity for all those involved.  They’re healthy and positive relationships rooted in compassion and concern for the welfare of the other over and above one’s personal interest.

“In meaningful relationships and partnerships, your love, concern for the people you work with, for the company, for the production, “di kayang bayaran ng pera.”  It becomes “bigayan”, an effortless give and take.  It just flows because you know that you need them, and they need you, you just have this ‘malasakit” and concern to just help each other make it grow, project or relationship man.”

Needless to say, one of the more meaningful relationships that Cherry Pie has is with her son, Jose Antonio “Nio” Tria.  Giving counsel and advise to build up the other comes naturally with them and is well-ingrained in their relationship.   One particular counsel from Nio was particularly life-changing for Cherry Pie.

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“I remember the time my son told me while I was clearing up my mother’s things after she had passed on, “Mom, don’t expect me to do that!”  Kasi nga, aside from the fact na ang daming gamit na na-accumulate ng Mom ko over the years, nakita nya yung hirap ng loob ko as I was going through them.” 

“Hearing that from him, I decided to check my own sentimentalities sa mga gamit.  Besides, napag-isip isip ko, lalaki sya, so, I shouldn’t expect him to keep yung mga knick-knacks na mga type ko!  So, you can say…medyo nag-trim down na ako sa mga gamit.  Di naman minimalist, pero sa essentials, enough na.”

As for Nio, Cherry Pie has often reminded her son about living a life for others.  And like a dutiful son, he has joined and participated in his mother’s many charitable works.

“Each time, I tell my son, ‘It’s not always about you.   So, if you can do something for somebody else, do it.’   At napapasama rin siya sa mga advocacies ko.  As early as 8 years old, exposed na siya sa life in prison.  He was with me sa prison for children in conflict with the law.  Imagine, children who were just as old as he was, nasa preso na!  When I asked if he’d like to play with them, nakipaglaro naman siya and they enjoyed themselves.”

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“Sa ngayon, wala pa siyang sariling advocacy or charity.  But I think, in time and by God’s grace, he will find something meaningful to do for others.”

Asked how her association with Generika Drugstore started, Cherry Pie revealed that she had already liked the proposition of generic medicine being an affordable and quality option for a lot of people.  So, doing a campaign on social media piqued her interest.  But it was when she really got to know Generika, even doing her own research on the brand and its story, that her relationship with Generika blossomed.

“I initially thought the project was just a business transaction with them, a task to do. It was when I got to sit down with them and know the story of Generika Drugstore,  the family behind it, their advocacy, dun nag-iba.  Gusto ko especially yung Libreng Consulta and Gamot Guide nila para sa mga pumunta sa drugstores nila.  Ngayon, you can expect kasama na yung puso ko and yung commitment ko, beyond what the task entails.  Kasama na ako sa advocacy nila.”

Needless to say, Cherry Pie is discriminating about the relationships she establishes with brands, production outfits, campaigns and the people she endorses, represents, and works with.

“It’s a cliché, but I have to believe in them.  I have to know them, their platform, what they have done and the people behind it.  If I were not as discriminating, siguro sobrang yaman ko na ngayon!  Lalo pa for us celebrities sa mga political campaigns.  But, that’s not me at all.  It’s not all about the money.

“Take for example the very meaningful partnership I have with Deo Edrinal, Cory Vidanes and the Dreamscape team whom I’ve worked with for a long time at ABS-CBN.  For my part, I like their vision, and support their objectives.  We have the same wavelength.  On their part, they know how I work, my craziness, and my passion for my work.  So, I feel taken-cared of.  It’s meaningful in the sense that they give me opportunities to have a livelihood; and, as I work each and every day, I am doing something that I really, really love.  How lucky can you be!?”

Truly, there is value and good in meaningful partnerships and meaningful relationships,

For Cherry Pie Picache, a person’s inner goodness, strength, and talents shine even brighter and made more valuable, when, it is done for a greater good, and, as the saying goes, you are part of something bigger than yourself!

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