Davao mayor Sarah Duterte earns praises after rescuing a foreign man who suffered a seizure

Here in the country, we are not used to seeing politicians out in public. Because of the risks and dangers of their job, they hire several people to protect them at all cost. For the presidential family, it is just normal for us to see them surrounded by numerous guards. They are also required to obey a security protocol to make sure that they’re safe and protected. But for Davao mayor, Sarah Duterte, these protocols don’t matter especially when someone needs her help.

Recently, a netizen has decided to share the amazing story of how Sarah has rescued an ailing foreigner. He wrote her story on Facebook and has immediately caught the attention of many people.

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According to the poster, Kevin Tan, mayor Sarah was currently traveling on Quezon City, when she noticed the commotion. Many people were trying to help a foreigner who was suffering a seizure. Without second thoughts, she immediately demanded her staffs to pull over and help the ailing man.

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The Presidential Security Group (PSG) tried to stop her from doing so. They even tried to warn her about the breach of protocol and some security risks. But because of her eagerness to help the foreign man, she still commanded them to rush him to the nearest hospital. Thankfully, they were able to save the man’s life and is now in good condition.

Many netizens were definitely amazed by her kind gesture. Instead of thinking about her safety, she chose to help the ailing man first. Because of this, she has received thousands of praises and compliments from many people.

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Maria Labon

Maria Labon is a Journalism graduate from Colegio de San Juan de Letran. She works as a content writer at Twinmark Media Enterprises, Inc.

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