LOOK: Lars Pacheco shares another sweet picture with rumored boyfriend

After her high talked-about breakup with her non-showbiz boyfriend Gino Hinolan, Miss Q&A 2018 grand finalist Lars Pacheco made another buzz on social media after posting a picture with a guy named Clyde Vivas.

Lo and behold, her followers immediately reacted to it. Many of them couldn’t help themselves but wonder who was this young guy that she posted. They even went as far as speculating that the young man was the Lars’ new boyfriend.

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The first post of them together was seen on Lars’s Twitter page. Here in the caption, Lars wrote a short but swoon-worthy caption, saying how Clyde makes everything seems “everything good, fine and easy.” She even said “love you” and opted to put a heart emoji at the end, which instantly intensified the speculation towards them.

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Just when everyone thought that she will never post again about them, Lars recently uploaded another picture of them on Facebook. Here in their latest photo together, Lars and Clyde even took the sweetness to another level as they more intimate and affectionate with each other.

Lars then paired it with lyrics from Akon’s song Don’t Matter.

“Nobody wanna see us together but it doesn’t matter no coz I got u”

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The netizens, on the other hand, reacted again. Some criticized her for not following the “three-month rule” in breakups while the others expressed their support towards her.

Although she didn’t directly confirm her romance with him, the way how Lars behaves with Clyde in the picture says something about their relationship with each other.


Source: Facebook | Philippines’ Ultimate Showbiz Hub 
Image Source: 1 – 15 Facebook 

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