Mystica calls out the Tulfo brothers to help her deal with critical netizens

The split queen, Mystica went on Facebook live just yesterday, as of writing. The former actress-entertainer was calling out the Tulfo Brothers and other lawyers to help her deal with cyberbullying. During her live video, Mystica was in tears defending herself to the people of social media.

The split queen has been making videos calling out to different artists asking for an opportunity to go back to show business. The first video was for Coco Martin who is known for giving former actors a second chance to act. This is by being part of his long-running series, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.”

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Luckily, Coco answered her prayers and allowed her to join them in the show. However, the role given to her only lasted for a few episodes. After her appearance on “Ang Probinsyano,” she posted other videos on social media directed to different showbiz personalities. This included Dingdong Dantes and Michael V.

During her live feed, she expressed that she received plenty of criticisms from many netizens. She explained, in tears, that she was only asking for an opportunity. She stated that she only wanted to be heard and be given her second chance in showbiz.

Her 40-minute video included how she felt her freedom stripped off of her. She said she felt as if the people did not like how she was freely asking for help when there wasn’t anything wrong about it.

Of course, many netizens continued commenting on her post. And it was only natural since it was posted in public. You’d see by reading through all the comments that the netizens have very different views regarding the topic. Many showed their continuous support and prayers for Mystica. They told her that she should continue fighting and praying and that God has plans just for her.

Others, however, still gave critical comments saying that she has been way too active on social media. They recommended that she should stay away from Facebook for a while. There were a few that commented on how exaggerated her videos are, including the live video.

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There’s only one lesson we could think of after this news, it is that you truly can’t please everybody. And as active people on social media, we can post whatever we want and how ever we want it. We just really have to accept that there are people who won’t agree with us all the time. It’s the same way we feel about other people’s post that we don’t really agree on or don’t really like.

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