LOOK: Foolish jewelry thief stopped by a locked door

Having strong security measures in the workplace is very important and hard not to give any attention at all.  It will not just protect the employees of a particular business establishment but it will also safeguard its assets such as products and equipment.

Recently, a video of a man attempting to steal something, a gold chain, from a jewelry store in Choburi, Thailand went viral on social media. However, the thief made a big mistake when he tried to run away from the business establishment.

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As seen in the short clip from Unilad, the guy named Suphachai Panthong went inside the jewelry store to look and hopefully buy something for himself. The store clerk then made a short greeting and went on to sales talk the customer.

At first, you will not think that the man was a thief because he didn’t look suspicious at all. However, the counter clerk got it all wrong and still continued to offer him some of the products from the jewelry store. Then after a few moments, the thief finally decided which product to stole.

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The store clerk handed it to him. the man, on the other hand, acted at first as if he was trying to see if the gold chain looked good on him. After trying it on, the guy tried to run as fast as he can. However, upon his exit, the thief got blocked by an automatic locked door. He then forced to return the item, and authorities took the man into custody.

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Here are some comments from the netizens:

Watch the video below:

Attempted Robbery Foiled By Locked Door

Beaten by a locked door… This couldn't have gone any worse for this would-be robber 😂😂

Posted by UNILAD on Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Source: UNILAD | New York Post | KOAT Action News 7 
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