Inspiring student walks kilometers to go to school; graduates cum laude

Students struggle not only in academics but also in the unfortunate situations surrounding their lives. Not everyone has the privilege to have a school bus waiting for them or any other transportation available to go to school. Unlike others, students in the provinces literally walk a bumpy road towards their education. Despite this, one student proved that this would never be a hindrance to successfully reach your dreams.

Netizen Jovin Pagalan Esclamado from Samal, Davao shared his inspiring story as a student on his Facebook post last December 3. According to him, he traveled five kilometers every day just to go to his school, University Of Mindanao Peñaplata College. Getting calluses was the least in his worries, even the rough road and bad weather couldn’t stop him from learning.


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Aside from studying hard, the dedicated student also did his best to battle the hardships of his challenging walk. He crossed floods and shielded himself from the heavy rains.

Moreover, Jovin also worked through his financial struggles. Although his everyday allowance was only little, he managed to support his own needs by being more hardworking. Throughout his entire stay in the university, Jovin became a working student.

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All his efforts were not put to waste as he proudly graduated cum laude. From being a struggling student walking kilometers each day, Jovin is now working as a professional in a prestigious company. The hardship he faced became his drive to achieve his goals. 

Jovin told his life story with the hope that it could inspire others. Meanwhile, netizens were truly amazed at his dedication.

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SOURCE: Facebook
PHOTO SOURCE: 1-15 Facebook

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